Remove Your Limiting Believes First

Everything you see in the “outer world” first starts in the “inner world”, it’s not something spiritual or some kind of “Mambo-Jambo”, It’s just basic physiology and we can use this basic physiology to create success in our life.

That is why we need to remove your limiting believes about yourself that may stop you now from creating passive income online before you even start working!

This step is not technical but it’s super important for your future success (Not just in Internet marketing and making money)…

In the last few years I’ve tried to convert many of my friends to do Internet marketing with me, and I came across many reason to why they can’t do it, and all those reasons are nothing but excuses (limiting believes), so let’s break some of your limiting believes here and now…

If it was that easy everybody was doing it…

Well first thing, making money online is not that easy! The people that will tell you that it’s easy will probably trying to sell you something in most cases…

But on the other hand making money online is not that hard and if you really want to make money online you will make money online (You can do anything you want).

People all over the world want to lose weight, quit smoking, stop drinking, start training and etc… It’s really easy to do those things and people still don’t do it!

Here is a great quick tip for a better life: Stop compering yourself to other people! And If one man can do it you can do it as well, and I make money online for may year now and so can you.

I’m bad with computers…

Take me for an example, when I first got started  I all I  knew was how to download porn online… nothing else… but I really wanted to make money online and I learned the skills needed, and it wasn’t that hard when I look back on it now!

Another tip: Every skill that you have right now you didn’t have in the past, you learned it and now you master it, And it can be the same thing with Internet marketing if you just invest the time and energy into it (Just another skill you need to learn).

My English is not good enough…

I’m originally from Russia, I immigrated to Israel and lived there for a long time… as you can see, English is not in the picture, and when I started doing Internet marketing my English was really bad but It improved with time… and it’s not perfect now (far from it).

Remember, you can pay other people to do the writing for you, it’s called OutSourcing!

I have no time to invest right now…

Well if you have no time to invest in creating some extra passive income that means that you must do it! If you don’t have time that means that you work too much. Here is a cool “idea” for you, for example if 20% of your income will be passive that means that you can work 20% less and have 20% more time for the things you like, so that is not an excuse but it’s a reason to take action!

I have no money to invest right now…

You don’t need to invest money to make money, and once again if you don’t have money it’s not an excuse but it’s a reason to take action now! I’m sure you will find other excuses, but that is all they are, just excuses! It’s for you to decide if you want to step out of your comfort zone and build a better life for yourself or just go back your old life track…

Have an excuse I didn’t cover and you still think is valid?! Just contact me and I’ll show you that you are wrong (-:

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Why I Created This Blog For You…

Why_notBefore I start blogging about all the REAL GOOD stuff that will help you make money on the internet…

I want to tell you Why I Do This!

Regardless of why you choose to make money online, I want you to know the truth about it first.

I don’t want you to live in “LALA Land” for month until reality hits you in the face.

I want you to follow common sense from the get-go!

Truth be told, there is a lot to learn and a lot of of things to do before you start making money online.

Did you know that 95% of the people that try to make money online end up failing?

Now you must ask yourself why so many fail at something that seems so simple… Well, some fail because they fail to try enough times and usually give up after their first trial.

While some fail because they follow some Bullshit system for months spending all of their savings on it. However I would say that most fail because they lack the right mindset…

I want you to realize (if you haven’t realized it already) that first you have to have a “successful mindset” and than success follows, not the other way around!

Maybe you will understand better where I’m coming from if you’ll know a little bit about the story of my life…

Before I became successful online I was a waiter tables at a put working my ass off for $8 an hour, however it was the highest paying job I could find at the age of 19 just getting out of the Army!

Fortunately for me I learned about passive income when I was 18, and I’ve been focusing on generating this kind of income for me ever since.

At this age I also came across the the idea of affiliate marketing, and I fell in love with it the moment I learned about it, and I got committed to making it work for me and mastering this idea.

Let me tell you, commitment leads to action then the universe takes care of the rest!

Every day while waiting table I knew that WHEN I’ll Succeed with “Internet Marketing” I’ll have a business that is working for me while I sleep and will make more money then I would make waiting tables 24/7 every day of the week all year long.

You see, I wanted to have the passive income no matter what it took!

When I started I was “shooting in the dark” trying to crack the code and figure out how to make money online by myself, spending all of my saving and my free time trying almost anything, and it was HARD!

Do I regret it?

Not for a single moment!

So I know better than most how it feels to be stuck at a shitty JOB that you don’t like just because you need to make a living.

I’m not here to take make this journey to success for you!

All I want is to accelerate it for you so you will become successful faster while investing less money then you would have if you were not exposed to the material on this blog.

You see, I walked this path already and I’ve been walking on it since 2008 and I keep on walking on it, and all I want to do with this blog is to shed some light on the path that you are about to walk, show you the shortcuts and things to avoid.

It will all be free style and unscripted.

Because I’m not trying to impressed you, I give it to you RAW and REAL, love it or hate it, if you are wise you will see the value, if not then your are welcomed to exit this site at anytime (-:

What I’m All About?

In one word, I’m all about Freedom and Peace of mind, I don’t like the idea of working for a boss and getting orders just to make a living and buy stuff that you don’t need…

So I hope you will enjoy what I’ll be teaching you here, and more importantly, I hope you do something with it…

Have a question that you think other readers can benefit from? Simple contact me and ask it, and if I find it suitable I’ll blog about it here for everybody to benefit from.

Best of luck on your journey,


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